Welcome to the Office of the President!


My name is Patrick Kelly and I am the American University Student Government President. My job is to be the voice of students at AU. It sounds simple but it’s a big task. To help with my advocacy endeavors, the President’s Cabinet is filled with a group of talented directors, including Women’s Initiative, the Student Advocacy Center, and so many more.

This year I am focused on advocating on range of issues from financial aid to dining options to our student activity fee. These are just three of so many more. My goal is to create a Student Government that is transparent by listening more to what us, students, actually want. Ultimately, I want to do everything I can to make sure that we love AU just as much from the time we set foot on campus for Eagle Summit to the day we accept our diploma from Dr. Kerwin. College is supposed to be the best four years of our lives. I want to make sure of that.

Feel free to swing always by MGC 270 (or email/call me) to ask a question, give feedback as to how SG can do better, or suggest an issue to advocate for. There is no question too simple or any issue too small. Together, we can make AU our home away from home.

I look forward to seeing you around campus!



MGC 270

(202) 885-6423